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The table below shows the available {API Host}.

TEST Environment

PROD (live) Environment

Please refer to the following structure of the endpoint for your reference.

You should replace the placeholder {API Host} with the desired environment you want to use.

General endpoint

https://{API Host}/api/v1/payments

General endpoint
Check Status

https://{API Host}/api/v1/payments/:transactionId/status

Cards endpoint
Card Purchase

https://{API Host}/api/v1/payments/:transactionId/card/purchase

Cards endpoint
Card Token

https://{API Host}/api/v1/payments/:transactionId/token/purchase

Cards endpoint
Card Recurring

https://{API Host}/api/v1/payments/:transactionId/recurring

Cards endpoint
Card Capture

https://{API Host}/api/v1/payments/:transactionID/capture

BLIK endpoint
BLIK Capture

https://{API Host}/api/v1/payments/:transactionId/blik/purchase

PayByLink endpoint
Get Payment Channel

https://{API Host}/api/v2/paymentChannels

PayByLink endpoint
Get Payment Link

https://{API Host}/v2/payments/:transactionId/pbl/payment-link